Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More ABC previews

Men In Trees
Love the title, but I liked the show better the first time around, when it was called "Northern Exposure." Actually, "Exposure" was wittier and quirkier than this tale of a dumped relationship counselor who decides to settle in Alaska to learn something about men. Huge irony props for casting Anne Heche as a relationship counselor, though. And they seem to have actually shot in Alaska, which gives them bragging rights over "Exposure" (shot in Roslyn, Wash. -- some of the cast used to shop at the supermarket where I worked. True story).

Help Me Help You
We've seen Ted Danson as the cranky doctor and the smooth bartender, now he combines the two to play a psychiatrist having a midlife crisis. Danson is tremendously likeable and the rest of the cast, mostly playing members of his therapy group with various problems, keep it from being all Ted, all the time. "Help Me" sometimes falls into tired conventions, but is usually smart enough to keep your attention.

Big Day (or maybe "A Day in the Life," they haven't decided yet)
An entire season about a couple's wedding day. Which would kick butt... if it starred Kiefer Sutherland. Instead, Wendy Malik is criminally misused as the obsessive mother of the bride and the rest of the cast doesn't quite get going. There is one nice "Say Anything" moment involving a pink boombox and the theme to "Good Times," but it needs a little more pop to rise above the crowd.


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