Friday, September 01, 2006

Brothers & Sisters preview

ABC's long-awaited "Brothers & Sisters" preview finally arrived today. This is the one starring Calista Flockhart, Sally Fields, and about 100 other people. It's like a grown-up, screwed-up "Eight is Enough."

Flockhart plays a right-wing radio host -- Laura Ingraham-ish -- but not very well.

Of her parents: "They're so Ron and Nancy."

Sally Field is good, though.

The rest of the cast is cliches -- the gay son, the working mom with a troubled relationship, the rebellious son (seperate from the gay son in this case), and a few other miscellaneous siblings.

Some OK ideas flowing around. Lot of characters to keep up with, though. And the show lacks zip, pop, pow. Everything sort of limps along until the obnoxious slow-mo faux-dramatic ending.

Still not the disaster people (including me, I suppose) have been predicting.


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