Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Heroes help

I basically liked last night's episode of "Heroes" ("Company Man"). But there were a few logical lapses that irritated me. I know, I know, it's a show about superheroes. I don't ask that it be realistic, I only ask that it be internally consistent and not obviously stupid.
So, one: Claire subdues radioactive man by injecting him with a sedative. A liquid sedative. At the same time that he's throwing off enough radiation to set the curtains on fire (what all that radiation is doing to the rest of the Bennett family is also a fair question).
Two: HRG's boss talks about what an asset Parkman would be. But wait, the company already had Parkman and then let him go. Why didn't they recruit him then?
"Heroes" often gets credit from "Lost" fans because, unlike the ABC show, "Heroes" pretty consistently doles out meaningful answers and generally keeps the plot moving forward, instead of spinning it in circles. However, "Company Man" was supposed to tell us HRG's story, but all it really did was tell us what we already knew: He works for some secretive organization with questionable ethics and that he adopted Claire when she was just a baby. The only real revelation was that Claude (the invisible man), used to be HRG's partner.

More answers! More!


At 7:46 AM, February 28, 2007, Blogger Eli the Mad Man said...

More answers? We got more answers in that one episode then we have in over a year of Lost episodes. ;)


So, did you miss the entire sequence with Hiro's dad (and lil kid Hiro at the table) giving Claire TO HRG? Hiro's dad appears to the THE MAIN MAN in the organization. All of which takes place on top of the skyscraper in NYC that everything keeps revolving around.

We also learn that Julia Robert's brother, Eric Roberts, is above HRG in the food chain. HRG is nothing really - just a foot soldier who was hiding Claire's power from the organization (thus the reason Haitian and he set up the shoot me here, go deep and erase my memory scenario).

Since he was hiding HER, who knows how many more he was hiding from the organization. Thus, Parkman's scenario. Based on what I saw in that episode it was abundantly clear that HRG's boss (Eric Roberts) had no clue about Parkman's existence.

Also, it was pretty darn cool to see how HRG became "Horned Rim Glasses" - with Claire picking out those particular glasses for him.

I do agree with ya on the sedative though. With how Claire turned out (fried skin and clothes) that syringe should have fried and the liquid should have boiled away. SHOULD HAVE. Then again, we have people who can fly, turn into a nuke, vanish, regenerate, etc.... so who knows WHAT that syringe and sedative were made of. ;)


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