Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Nielsens

Just a couple more thoughts on the local Nielsens:

Dave Rose was pretty excited about KRDO's performance -- they were No. 2 in mornings, No. 1 in demos, No. 2 in demos at 10 and doubled their audience at 6 p.m., although their 5 p.m. is still struggling.

KOAA had its best numbers in several years. Of course, they had their best numbers in years last time, too. They're on a roll.

Joe Cole at KXRM said their numbers improved for the second half-hour of their 9 p.m. news. Traditionally, people catch the top of the news and then flip away, so getting those viewers to stick around is always going to be a big goal for Fox 21.

Couple other KRDO notes: Rose said they had a plan in place for exactly the scenario that happened with the Holly tornado. I asked Rose whether they'll be able to cut in to primetime every time there's a tornado on the plains and he said that, if homes and lives are threatened by a storm, their plan is to cover it for as long as the threat lasts.

Also, KRDO's digital weather subchannel may not launch until June -- it was originally scheduled for May. Having a weather channel, of course, would probably help with coverage of things like the tornado. KKTV is due to upgrade their weather channel sometime this spring -- so far, it's been a steady display of the 5-day forecast on 11.3, for all you HDTVers out there.


At 6:00 AM, April 04, 2007, Anonymous Don McCullen said...

I have to say that News Press & Gazette is doing what it takes for KRDO to be the best they can be.


Well KOAA might be an uphill battle for NewsChannel 13 but at least Harry Hoth's beancounting daughter Patti is no longer in the picture and holding KRDO back.

KXRM however is going to turn up the heat since they want to do a Morning Newscast before they reach their one year of doing their own news.

I have been watching KRDO's morning news both weekdays and weekends.

At 8:40 PM, April 04, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with don m.. patty hoth and harry always did care for that tv station .in grand junction.. but i hope of getting my wish to come through with my kktv channel,141 after channel 110 american lifetv was taken off now from comcast .i have to watch on dvd combat!i hope that kktv will fix channel 141 soon. i like those brand neww hitachis!!


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