Sunday, January 13, 2008

Golden Gloves

I'm not really going to blog much about this (because, I mean, just look at the damn thing), but the comment in the introduction that "It's going to be a very exciting night" just had me rolling on the floor. Oh my god, that was funny.

And who the hey are the announcers/presenters/whatever they are? I have NO idea who they are.

OK, now I have to comment a little. Jeremy Piven winning for the worst season ever of "Entourage" is just sad.

Jon Hamm winning for "Mad Men" is a big win for that little-seen, critically beloved series. Assuming that's not redundant.

And while the "home reaction" shots are, um, creepy, watching that woman flip her coffee table was pretty funny.
Ellen Page got robbed. Sorry, I will not never agree with an awards show that passes on "Juno." No way, no day.

And OMG, David-freakin-Duchovny winning for "Californication"? Admittedly, Duchovny is not the biggest problem with that truly awful show, but he's hardly the solution, either. It's just a terrible show. Don't watch it! Don't give it awards! Seems pretty simple to me. Apparently the voters need writers, too.

I really wouldn't be opposed to this format normally. I'm not a fan of awards shows. If they could cut out the banter and the acceptance speeches, I'd be all for it. It's just that, without writers or talent, there's nothing left that's more entertaining than a test pattern.

BTW, I just noticed I titled this post "Golden Gloves" instead of "globes." Freudian slip?


At 1:30 AM, January 14, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, Juno should have been honored, the show was fine. The format shows how lame the production has become because of the "writers," and "acceptance speaches," if not read will help shorten an individuals career.


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