Sunday, February 03, 2008


As long as we're waiting for kickoff, I might as well throw out a prediction. This isn't a game I particularly care about - I'm a Packers fan (although props to the Giants for sticking it out through a game the football gods were clearly intent on giving the Pack 400 chances to win).

The Patriots are one of the less likable teams in recent memory. I mean, they're not like early '90s Cowboys unlikable, but they're definitely not all soft and cuddly. And, for an underdog, the Giants aren't all that likable, either. Manning is a charisma zero. Even the cuddlier Coughlin 2.0 is still one of the colder fishes in the coaching sea - right behind Belichek. I wish Tiki Barber were still playing.

Despite that, I guess I'll root for the underdog. It'll be a more interesting game that way. I think the Patriots would be remembered just as much for falling on their faces as they would for going undefeated. They'd be a cautionary tale for the ages.

Anyway, I think the Giants defense will give the Pats fits, but New England is still going to score. The Giants O may simply... not.

So, I'll throw it out there: Patriots 28, Giants 13.


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