Wednesday, April 12, 2006

KRDO sold!

Local ABC affiliate KRDO/Channel 13 was sold today to the News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting Company. They're out of St. Joseph, Mo., and own the newspaper there and a half-dozen television stations in small markets around the country (Bend, Ore., Yuma, Ariz., El Paso, Texas, Palm Springs, Calif., and Idaho Falls, Idaho). They also own a couple small cable companies and some community newspapers.

The interesting thing is that, like KRDO owner Pikes Peak Broadcasting, NP&G is also family owned. Fourth generation.

Harry Hoth started at KRDO as a salesman when it was nothing but an AM radio station, became general manager and president in 1955, bought the company in 1961 and handed over the day-to-day duties and president title to his daughter Patti Hoth in 1990.


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