Thursday, April 06, 2006

Best "Survivor" episode ever?

Man, that was right up there with Susan Hawk losing it in season one and Johnny Fairplay throwing out the fake dead grandma -- but this was purer, because the drama came out of the game mechanics instead of player histrionics.

They certainly had me going, with the smirks and the half-smiles from Austin and Terry at tribal council. And how did Danielle pass up the immunity idol (or was it Bruce that bailed)? And if they knew Danielle didn't flip, should Terry have given Austin the idol? (Wait, no, because if they can't get the numbers, Terry needs as little competition for individual immunity as possible every week).

Somebody made a huge miscalculation here. Actually, I think both Bruce and Danielle may have chosen poorly. That idol was a massive bargaining chip and this was the only time it'll be up for grabs (of course, Terry should have played it last week).

I was barely paying attention to this season, but now I'm hooked... for at least one more week.

UPDATE: Alan Sepinwall has a much better strategic analysis than anything I've come up with.


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