Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Idol blogging

I don't promise not to flip to "Lost" at 8, but for now...

What the heck is going on with the "Idol" red carpet. There's three people I don't know badgering random semi-celebrities. It's the oddest red carpet treatment I've ever seen -- beyond the fact that "Idol" having a red carpet pre-game show is deeply, deeply disturbing.

And, Chris Daughtry? Button your damn shirt. I kind of like his wife, though.

I love the three weirdos rushing Daughtry off to get to Paula. And I love the guy behind them in the tie-dye and the big hat. I'm full of love tonight, people.

My monster idea? Really, brace yourselves, this is huge: Brian Dunkleman should be hosting this red carpet thing. The guy that was Seacrest's co-host the first season, then quit so he could wallow in freakish obscurity for all time. That was the biggest bust since the Chargers picked Ryan Leaf No. 2 (or, bonus snark for serious football fans: the Packers picking Tony Mandarich No. 2).

Speaking of busts: Constantine. How's that ABC sitcom coming along, buddy? And also? Button your damn shirt.

Another thing I love: sirens in the background. Don't recall that happening at a real red carpet. Just proves that there are worlds left for "Idol" left to conquer. Weep not, Alexander... er... Simon Fuller.

And again I wonder, how the hey did Katharine McPhee's dad score her mom? Katharine should be so lucky as to do a dress up that right.

My word. All of this for five minutes of pre-game. With "Idol," it all just writes itself. I still have no idea who those people on the red carpet were, but I am 100% sure they were drunk.


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