Monday, May 22, 2006

I'll be right back...

I watched maybe two episodes of "24" this season, but I can pick it right up at the season finale without missing a beat. I guess fans must enjoy the ride.

And even my wife, who's never seen a single episode of the show, was rolling her eyes when Jack said "I'll be right back..."

Good ending, leading right into next season... or maybe the "24" movie.

UPDATE: The local "24" fanatics in the office hated the ending. They wanted Jack to get some rest, or get some lovin', or get a bathroom break.

Ffffft! This ain't no sissy show: Jackie doesn't get to sleep and Jackie doesn't get a kiss and Jackie has to hold it in for the rest of time.

Deal with it. He's on a slow boat to China and next season will be filmed entirely inside a Chinese sweatshop where Jack will be forced to assemble combination VCR/DVD players 24 hours a day. (That's why he was more valuable alive, get it?).


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