Monday, November 06, 2006

HDTV wish list

I'm working on a pre-Christmas story on high def TV's. I thought a fun spin to put on it would be to ask people with HDTV's, "If you were buying a TV today," what would you get? Would you go bigger, smaller, go direct-view instead of projection, LCD instead of plasma, do you wish you'd waited for prices to fall? That kind of stuff.

I figure that people thinking of taking the plunge this Christmas could benefit from your experience.

If you do, gimmee a call at 636-0275 or e-mail


At 5:32 PM, November 06, 2006, Blogger Eli the Mad Man said...

Dude... now it's just gettin' downright scary how much we're in sync. No, not the band... I JUST posted a blog today about High-Def! GET OUTTA MY NOGGIN'! ;)

To answer your question: we bought a 62" rear projection Toshiba 1080p HD (this model:

Wouldn't do anything different. Spent a few months researching what TV to buy, and love Toshiba. Even better than Sony. More bang for the buck. Key is to do your OWN research. Don't let some pimply faced teen tell you want you need, or what he thinks he knows. There isn't a single store in this city that I trust fully.

We bought ours at Ultimate Electronics and ended up getting an extra $500 off by accident, but they stuck to it. And while it was good service at the store, their "authorized" service dealer is - and I kid you not - owned by retarded baboons. Problem is, they're the only "authorized" Toshiba dealer in the area. Pray to God your TV doesn't go out and THEY have to fix it. If it does, give me a shout. ;)


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