Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday recap

If you read Thursday's TV Talk, you know this was the last "Office" episode until whenever the writers' strike ends. Maybe fitting, then, that it goes out on such a bittersweet note. Michael's divided loyalties, the "What do you want me to say, he's a nice guy" thing, and, of course, the bitchin' "That's what she said" riff. That last scene with Michael and Jan talking about finding some Chinese food almost got me teary.

Honestly, I didn't really follow the ins and outs of the deposition, but I loved, loved, loved it when Michael pushed Toby's tray on the floor. And the ping pong subplot wasn't too bad -- Kelly was funny and it was funny that Jim sucked at ping pong and it was funny that when Pam and Kelly finally went womano a womano, neither could hit the ball (possibly stereotypical, but still funny).

Meanwhile, "30 Rock," for an episode that got off to a rocky start, had some great material. Edie Falco and Jack made an awesome couple and everything out of their mouths was hilarious - Falco talking about Hillary's health care plan and Jack responding, "I want to kiss you so you stop saying such ridiculous things" was gold.

The Kenneth the Page subplot about Jack's pants was fun, if predictable, but I wasn't really on board with the Liz-terrorist subplot, except for the payoff that the guys were trying out for "The Amazing Race." As a "Race" fan, I could appreciate their effort. Liz's "Can we have our money now?" line to the camera was fan-tastic, and an apparently intentional double-entendre with the WGA strike.


At 10:39 AM, November 16, 2007, Blogger Dr. B said...

The deposition was classic Michael Scott (the lawyer's earnest confusion about Michaels "Thats what she said" response almost had me in tears, of laughter).

BTW, all my heroes are ping pong masters.

At 11:39 AM, November 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

andy you were about ready to write off 30ROCK...and boom! out pops last night's alec baldwin as jack squirm when he found out she was " D-Vermont" was were the orange children with "no other documented health problems"..GOLD jerry GOLD!


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