Friday, November 30, 2007

TV Talk reaction

Got an interesting range of reactions to yesterday's mini-buying guide for HDTV's. A couple people found it helpful and thanked me, one guy had a follow-up question on whether her should get a 720p or a 1080p set (I argued it doesn't matter unless there's no price difference).

One guy said the column was "worthless" (that's a quote) because I didn't explain LCoS and SXRD and DLP and SED. I think he was upset because he has a DLP set and I alluded to them being "bizarre." I would strongly argue that, if the idea of a chip of microscopic tilting mirrors is not in and of itself bizarre enough for you, then those whacked-out "It's the mirrors" commercials would push any reasonable person to that conclusion. People get protective about weird things.

And another guy said the article was incorrect because I didn't explain that you can stretch a 4:3 picture to cover the black bars on a 16:9 screen. Speaking of bizarre... Do people actually do that? My wife never bothers to change the formatting, so she's often watching 4:3 stretched and it drives me crazy. What's the point of having a great TV if you purposely distort the picture?

Anyhoo, if any of you have any follow-up questions or just want to call me an idiot, feel free to do so in comments.


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