Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Pop-Up Book of Sports Deaths

I'll take a break from the Packers game to recap the funniest "Daisies" of the season.

You know, it wasn't immediately clear whether this series would go for the straight-up humor, or stick with the fairy tale whimsy that flowed from its premise. Well, in this episode, it went whole hog for both.

My favorite was Emerson reading Knit Wit magazine, "his literary outlet for knitting humor."

But "Death by scratch 'n sniff? What the hell happened to people shooting each other with guns?"

And "Cigars, aftershave, antacids, cash and yarn. You're a knitting detective."

And "Follow the yellow, thick hose."

And "When did they bump up your smell?"

And, of course, "The Pop-up Book of Sports Deaths."

Just frickin' hilarious from start to finish. If you've been avoiding this show because of the twee-overload factor, it's time to reconsider.



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