Sunday, February 03, 2008

First quarter commercials

Bud Light fire breather - Funny, but would have been 100 times better if it starred Tom Brady.

Audi - Eh, OK. The horse head in the bed has been imitated to death. Sharp-looking car, I gotta say.

OMG - Are you seeing the hoodie Bellichick is wearing? Paging the fashion police, we have an emergency!

Pepsi Max - I'm not sure anyone wants to remember "A Night at the Roxbury," but otherwise, not totally sucky.

Sales genie - Can anyone explain to me what the hay this company does?

Bud Light - Hollow soiree. Whatever.

Underarmor - There's $2.7 million that could have fed the homeless.

Did you see that Brady pass? I think he hears the footsteps...

Bridgestone animal avoidance test - Would have made a better Saab commercial.

Doritos - Come on, we've had enough "American Idol" allusions in this game. Can't we see more beer commercials?

So far, all my favorite commercials have been the Fox promotions. That Terminator throwing the football robot around was funny.

I'd just like to point out that, after what I'd describe as a pretty poor looking offensive series, the Patriots just scored easy as pie. I'm changing my prediction to 42-16. - Those commercials keep getting more annoying. Get off it. You're not going to show Danica Patrick's boobs on the Internet and we all know it.


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