Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Idol - final 12

Tell me Chikezie didn't blow the doors off the place tonight. If I had a bought a ticket to the show, then heard that, I'd feel my money was well-spent.

Still don't get all the love for Carly - it was fine, fine, but nothing special.

My wife loved David Cook's "Eleanor Rigby," but I thought that was a mistake. He did his thing, but that's a song that should be radioactive on this show. It's just like a bad Matchbox 20 cover of an absolute, gold-standard classic. I'm not going to like any version of that song, because it's never going to even approach the original. I don't think I'm wrong in thinking this way, either.

I'm a fan of Brooke White, and I think "Let It Be" was a good song for her voice, but I think playing at the piano prevented her from emotionally connecting to the song. It just missed the mark a little.

So somebody tell me, was David Hernandez the worst? Or Amanda Overmyer? 'cause I can't decide. At least Amanda had sort of an interesting idea she was shooting for, however badly she missed it.

Oh wait, I forgot Kristy Lee Cook is still on this show. That sounded pretty darn bad. I'm not sure the country thing was the problem, the song just felt really, really, really rushed.

It's silly that the producers gave Archuleta the pimp slot to close the show - he's a shoo-in wherever they put him. I actually liked the arrangement, but I can't ever remember a contestant screwing up that badly this far into the competition.


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