Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Idol women

OK, tell me Brooke White isn't going to the finals. Seacrest said she'd do "Love is a Battlefield" and I'm like, really? But I thought that was an awesome interpretation that really suited both her voice and her presence/look/style. In a way, she's like Archuleta - being really smart about what she's doing and how she's presenting it.

Elsewhere, I thought Irish chick Carly did her best performance of the competition with "I Drove All Night," but it still lacked charisma. What-evah.

Kady again proved my maxim that Freddy Mercury songs are verboten on this show. Ramiele bored me with a Whitney song that she really couldn't pull off. Syesha did slightly better (what was with the judges' two-second grades on her performance?).

I think Amanda will have to climb back on that Harley this week - despite Simon pimping her - and I'd suspect Kady will get the sidecar. If Harleys had sidecars.


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