Tuesday, June 02, 2009

More digital TV silliness

So the FCC sends out a news release earlier today about this cool new program: Local firefighters will actually go out and do house calls to help TV viewers hook up digital converter boxes ahead of the June 12 digital deadline.

Quirky! Fun! Potentially useful!

So I cal the Springs fire department and they get back to me: Hey nobody told us about this.

They may still do it, they just need to figure out what it entails.

Just thought that was a fitting anecdote for how seamless the whole transition has gone.

(I may just be bitter because the NTIA sent out a list of walk-in assistance centers right before I went on vacation two weeks ago. We ran the list and then they called and were like, 'Sorry, we changed all those locations.' Admittedly it's the FCC messing around this time, but shouldn't there be a little more coordination going on?)


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