Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Saturday

I was watching the "40 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials" CBS last night (and isn't it fascinating that CBS was cashing on on the hype by promoting commercials on another network?) and it got me to thinking: The day before the Super Bowl stinks. Sure, I changed the oil in the car and hit the store for a few Super Bowl party essentials (my wife and I both grew up in Seattle, so we have a home town rooting interest today).

But there's precious little in the way of football going on the day before the biggest football day of the year. It's a conundrum.

And so I've got an idea. A third-place game. Take the losers of the two conference championship games and have them play for third the day before the Super Bowl. It may take a little time for teams to warm up to playing for Miss Congeniality, but I think the same ingredients that fuel every NFL game -- those being pride and money (not in that order) -- would make into a good game once the players got used to the idea.

And it would be a good game! I'd much rather spend my Saturday watching Denver-Carolina than changing the oil. Who's with me here?

Check in later today and hopefully between Redhooks I'll have witty and insightful things to say about the pre-game shows and commercials.


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