Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Guest post from Go editor Warren Epstein

Sheila Monahan, a Gazette ad services worker and "Sopranos" fanatic thought she was prepared for the big opening episode. She'd recently signed up for the Dish Network, and got a PVR, so recording would be easy. Her fiance set it to record so they could watch when the kids went to bed. Then, they snuggled up in the couch, ready to rejoin the Soprano family -- but they knew something was wrong when Tony started talking Spanish.

They accidentally recorded HBO Spanish.


Good thing one of her HBOs repeated it later that night. ... in English.

And a few thoughts on "24"...

We're in danger of losing Joanna Bean, a deputy features editor, from our morning "24" clatch. Last night's episode was just too bleak for her. Too many twitching bodies spewing white fluid. The rest of us are urging her to stick with it -- we're like junkies afraid of losing one of our fellow users.


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