Thursday, March 09, 2006

Decisions, decisions

So my TV, my HDTV, is going on the fritz. Every once in a while, the reds will vanish from part of the screen and everything will go green. Turning the set off and on or banging the back usually seems to fix it. The good news is that it's under warranty. The bad news is that the warranty runs out in six more days.

This was supposed to be an introductory HD set -- you know, the one you move to the bedroom when you get something better. And it's a godawful heavy tube set, which means two things: One, it's huge and I don't want to have to lug it back to the store, and two, it has a really great picture. When it's not green.

I did a little Internet research, apparently it's a common problem with these models (which, of course, aren't made anymore).

So, I could live with it, but I'd probably end up with a green TV set in the near future. Most likely, I'll take it back and exchange it for a different TV.

I could run around and find another TV set for about the same money that I could live with -- that would likely be a slightly smaller LCD HDTV monitor, which would make a worse primary set, but a better bedroom set once I upgrade the living room TV. Or, I could go ahead and get the big LCD or plasma screen now. Assuming I could convince the wife to spend the extra money.

What would you do?


At 8:50 AM, March 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys at the Gazette make 7 figures don't you? With those kind of $$$ I'd go for the big set!

At 12:11 PM, March 09, 2006, Blogger AndyW said...

We guys at the Gazette do make seven figures. It's just that two of them come after the decimal point.


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