Monday, August 14, 2006

Fox dramas

Justice -- The camera pans will leave you dizzy, the cuts will hurt your eyes, the acting will leave you cold.

Even tabloid TV doesn't show bodies. Only dramas go to that gruesome extreme.

I do like that the a recurring theme is the fictional "American Crime" celebrity crime newsmagazine -- obviously modeled after every real Fox newsmagazine and probably headed to the tube by this time next year, if this show gets any viewers.

And there are some really, truly, amazingly cheesy CSI-style techno-zooms.

And the show's big gimmick? Showing what "actually" happened at the end. Huge let-down in the screener. Huge.

Standoff -- The first two minutes are 20 times better than that "Justice" crap. Ron Livingston is just really charismatic. There's a certain "Moonlighting" vibe going on. Some of the dialogue is substandard, though. There is so much good stuff this season, this ought to be a cut above what it is.

The kicker is outstanding. Even if you don't watch the rest of the series, stick around for that bit. You'll know what I mean.

Vanished -- This appears to be an exact duplicate for "Kidnapped" over on NBC. Maybe not as stylish. Definitely not as good. It's totally paint-by-numbers, with no life to it at all. It's unbelievable how bad Ming-Na is in this. This is in the running with "Jericho" for worst new show of the year.

It's now 40 minutes in. Forty minutes I'll never get back. Make it stop.


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