Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goose at Magic FM

So I turned on the radio half an hour early this morning to catch the debut of KKMG (98.9 FM)'s new morning guy, "Goose."

They intro'd with three minutes of honking geese, then a voice-over about how much radio in Colorado Springs stinks -- specifically slamming KIBT, KCCY, KVUU and KKLI, now what do those stations have in common? -- then the Goose himself appeared on the air. And, no, it was not Gossage, just some guy from Detroit.

It's the first day of the new ratings book and of course Citadel wants people to tune in to hear their new DJ, but I don't see why a new radio host has to be such a state secret.

Also, what's up with the animal nicknames at Citadel? Goose, Catfish, Coyote.


At 11:58 PM, September 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give him a chance. It's more than music that makes a morning show. The most important thing will be his community involvement. Good luck and welcome to Colorado


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