Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Looking for the villains

One of the interesting themes emerging from the new season is figuring out who are the bad guys and who are the good guys.

Both "Heroes" and "Jericho" have bad guys who might be good guys and good guys who might be bad.

In "Heroes," Micah asks his dad (Leonard Roberts, pictured here) if he's a good guy... He won't go home and rescue his mom, but he will rescue strangers in a burning car. I think he's a good guy. Relatively.

What's less clear is whether the cheerleader's dad might actually be on the good side.

In "Jericho," all the tension swirls around Hawkins, the hero undercover FBI agent or terrorist-who-nuked-America.

I hope he's not evil, but we just haven't seen enough on his damn laptop to tell.



At 9:56 AM, November 15, 2006, Blogger Eli the Mad Man said...

Okey Dokey, here's what I think up to this point:

Horned Rim Glasses (HRG, Claire the Cheerleader's dad) isn't bad per say. Whatever group he belongs to is definitely a well run organization. As he said, they've been tracking these "heroes" for some time, looking for them, studying them. He's known about these "heroes" at least since Claire was born.

And I'm betting that Claire's REAL parents had "powers" too, much like Micah's situation (daddy DL - phase shift boy, and mama Niki/Jessica - bipolar girl).

If you watched the TV series Highlander from several years back, this HRG led group reminds me of "The Watchers" from Highlander.

Bipolar Girl is uncontrollable, and has killed how many people now? She's nasty deep down (she set up DL for some reason we're not privy to yet, plus she went back and slept with Political Flyboy Petrellia). She was presented to us as "good," but I can see her turning out to be "bad." DL isn't bad, he was set up by Jessica (Niki's evil alter-ego), but he was presented to us at first as such. Classic "misdirection" story telling technique.

As for Jericho... love that show too! Glad it's sticking around for a full season. I like the direction and human element that is developing each week. Definitely agree that the most intrigue and tension is around Hawkins. I've just gotta think the guy is a baddy. If you've been watching it from the get go there was an episode early on (first 2 or 3 weeks) with a VERY brief segment that showed him walling up a steel barrel in his basement. As we found out recently, that's exactly what the nuke bombs were housed in, leading us now to assume that he's got a nuke under his house. that being said, he almost has to be part of the group that nuked the country.

I think the whole FBI thing is a just a ruse, a fallback plan in case he got caught, which he did last week - more or less. Again, brilliant misdirection move. Whatever group he does belong to has access to classified documents because he was able to tap in and find out that ole Skeeter is in fact a black ops military guy (that's where he was for those 5 years).

GOOD stuff! ;)


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