Sunday, February 04, 2007

Adding it up

Forget about amazing kickoff returns, let's go to the real action.

Bud Light, Doritos, Blockbuster lead it off.

Bud Light rock, paper, scissors was kinda funny. B+

The other two, eh. I'm not even sure what was happening in the Doritos ad, although it seemed sorta silly.

Sierra Mist combover -- Funny. I'm surprised how fresh the're able to keep that schtick.

Salegenie - F. Aren't sales guys supposed to be a teensy tinsy bit dynamic? Or at least, not actively, offputtingly dull.

Sierra Mist karate - Well, this schtick felt tired.

The FedEx commercial was good looking, but random.

Bud Light auctioneer - Funniest so far.

Is there like a hurricane hitting Miami that nobody told me about? Man is it raining hard. But it's warm, making it the world's biggest wet T-shirt contest (although the contestants are a bunch of 50-year-old middle managers, which does take some of the fun away).

Snickers - Two seconds after Warren says "I think the audtioneer is going to be the commercial to beat," this one brings down the house with the unintentional man-kiss.

Then an old Gilette commercial? Why spend the money to show people something they've been tuning out for six months?

There's been a lot of ads for CBS shows. You think this thing sold out?

This Chevy commercial blows. Car commercials always suck. Why is that?

Carlos Mencia. No speak English. Kinda funny.

Having Justin Timberlake in a promo on the Super Bowl seems like CBS is thumbing its nose at the FCC. Heh.

Some of the cameras are fogging up because of the rain, which defeats the purpose of watching the game in HD.

Speaking of HD, we have three TV's on -- the HD LCD, a small TV in the kitchen with an antenna and a 25-inch tube in the extra bedroom hooked up to the satellite. All three are on different time delays: The HD is first, followed three seconds later by the antenna TV in the kitchen, and then like 12 seconds later by the satellite. So if you miss a play grabbing a beer, you have to sprint into the bedroom to catch it on satellite. Funny.

Ooh, now we get to the Go Daddy comercial. Vicarious thrills? Actually, not nearly as funny as the first four times we saw it. Time for a new idea gy.

The Coke GTA ad is another one that looks great, but doesn't have a point. Seems to be a theme this year.

Budweiser Dalmation - Pretty darn cute. Nothing better than drunk pets.

Garmin Mapzilla - Better than I thought it would be, although when Garminman zaps Mapzilla with his directional lazer, it looks like he's whizzing.

Careerbuilder scores even without the monkeys. Love the officeworkers jumping off the cliff.

Doritos- Gets a little distrubing behind the cash register.

OK, I take back the car comment. The HHR "Hot in here" spot was pretty freakin' funny. The girl covering her eyes while the old guy rubs up against the car was the best bit.

Bud light slap fight - Funny. Random again, but funny.

Heart commercial. Weird. Everyone here is with me on this one.

But I'm totally Jonesing for the giant PSP they showed when they came back from commercial. Suh-weet.

GM retired robot. Very cute, although probably not popular with laid off auto workers.

Halftime - Dude, the glyph is back! TAFKAP forever, baby.

What's up with the lady in the hat?

And Prince would the last guy I would expect to do covers. Rolling on the river? And a really weird "All Along the Watchtower"?

Um, is CBS going to happy with the shadowbox thing? That guitar was looking a little... you know.

So, no Janet Jackson, but hey, better than McCartney.

Memorial Health- Is that the first local commerical?

E*Trade - Bank robbery. Boring.

Bud Light gorillas? Huh?

Sheryl Crow - Proof that women watch the Super Bowl? Dull commercial, though.

Another pretty good ad for Careerbuilder.

The Taco Bell lions got a laugh in our room.

Really, the game is more interesting than the ads this year. Go figure that.

Robert Goulet - OK, this is my favoite of the night. Got to love some Goulet. Thank you, Emerald Nuts.

K-Fed - If you heard about the "controversy" over this one, you knew the schtick, but still kind of funny.

Bud Light axe - Again, if you heard of this one, you knew what was up, but eh, OK.

Where're we at. Budweiser crabs. Say that out loud a couple of times and you'll see the problem.

Speaking of problems - The Prudential going on and on about "A Rock." Say that fast and you'll see the problem. Nobody thought about that? Alrighty then.

BTW, I think the Colts just won the game on that INT return. Messy game, but exciting.

That Budweiser Select ad was one of the big, hyped things before the game, but it just reminded me of the video game scene from "Never Say Never Again." Heh - 1980's video games. Always funny.

Honda gas pump slalom - I love seeing the 20 mpg Ridgeline in with the real misers. I guess they were hoping no one noticed.

I always like the NFL's "next year" commercials. Especially the Broncos guy getting hosed off. And the Brett Farve addition was genius. Go Pack!

Hey, and that really is game. Manning really, really ought to put a smile on his face.


At 6:45 PM, February 04, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ads are ok this year

At 8:33 PM, February 04, 2007, Anonymous TV Watcher said...

The NFL commercial "Saying Goodbye" was great!! I loved the KFed ad - yeah, I saw it earlier, but it was funny.

At 6:03 PM, February 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The majority of the ads were not fit for family viewing and the Super Bowl is a family program. The most watcher-friendly were the ads which featured animals. It's too bad, but true!


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