Monday, April 16, 2007

More changes on the TV page

Such as, just for instance, there not being a TV page anymore.

Without my column anchoring the page every Tuesday, it just couldn't see the point in living. We pulled the TV highlights over to the Pop page, on the back of the Life section, along with a much-diminished daily television grid.

That grid is causing some readers angst this morning. It covers only the broadcast stations, omitting the 100-odd cable stations we used to have in the daily grid. Our reasoning for this is that we already provide the cable listings in the Sunday TV book, so we could save some space by just providing the essentials on a daily basis.

I'm a little surprised at the number of calls we're getting - maybe 100-something so far. We got maybe a thousand calls when we changed the TV book last year, but I thought that most of the people who relied on the TV book probably didn't look at the daily grid.

I was, as is not unusual, wrong.

Ultimately, of course, everyone will get some version of the on-screen guide that satellite and digital cable subscribers get. People used to looking for the schedule in the paper want to find the schedule in the paper, though.


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