Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Magnum, LV

This is bitchin' news, for all the "Magnum, P.I." freaks like me out there: NBC is talking to Tom Selleck about replacing James Caan on "Las Vegas."

Selleck would play the new owner of the Montecito Casino. With a bitchin' read Ferrari and a Vietnam buddy who flies his personal helicopter and Rick, another buddy who Selleck gets a job in the Montecito bar. It's a can't-miss formula I tell you!

Why Selleck would want to be a Johnny-come-lately on a flailing show that was never all that good is a fair question, but I would love, love to see him back on TV. I think he's a surprisingly underrated actor, or at least has a more flexible on-screen persona than some people seem to think.

Bring back the 'stash!



At 8:03 AM, April 13, 2007, Blogger Eli the Mad Man said...

The wife and I have been watching las Vegas from the get go. Love the show. Won't miss Nikki Cox now that's she been cosmetically transformed into the the Bride of Frankenstein, but Caan leaving is huge. The chemistry/history he had with the other actors (especially with Danny McCoy - Josh Duhamel) is central to the show.

I agree with you that Tom doesn't get enough respect. He's a good actor. I like the 2 hour "Jesse Stone" made for TV movies.

Anywho... it should be interesting to see what direction the show takes.


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