Monday, April 16, 2007

Who knows what?

Here's a fascinating little Pew Center study. It shows Rush Limbaugh listeners are just as well informed as National Public Radio listeners.

Of course, neither of them are anywhere near daily newspaper readers, thank you very much (technically, daily newspaper Web site readers, which is probably a dedicated subset of readers).

Lest I get too high on my horse, however, the study shows newspaper Web site readers to be roughly tied with viewers of "The Daily Show" and "Colbert Report."

Actually, I find that kind of heartening. Maybe we learn more through laughter than we do through anger. Or something equally Hallmark-cardish.

At the bottom of the list? Viewers of network news morning shows. Draw your own conclusions there.

Scariest result? To me, it's that only 32 percent of the general public knew Sunni was the other branch of Islam, along with Shia (heck, only 52 percent of those newspaper Web site readers knew the answer).


At 12:20 PM, April 16, 2007, Blogger Christopher Short said...

As a frequent viewer of The Today Show, I feel like I'm way better informed than the average citizen about what crazy crap Chris Hansen is up to on that night's "Dateline." That's worth something, right?

(Note: I mainly watch "Today" because I love the insane look in Matt Lauer's eyes when he thinks he's asking a hardball question.)

At 2:59 PM, April 17, 2007, Anonymous TC said...

Actually, not surprised on the Stewart and Colbert fans. The people I know who love those two are either professional students or they're single.

I'd love to find our the number of married/family people who watch those shows.

I guess the moral of my story is I believe that the people who watch Stewart & Colbert have never had anyone depend on them. Of course, there are exceptions, but overall...

Having someone depend on your changes your perspective, I think.

At 3:07 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger AndyW said...

TC - Interesting idea, but you don't finish your thought.
Are you saying people with families aren't as well informed as single people? I don't have any statistics on that, but it doesn't sound right to me.
Or are you just saying that people with jobs and kids can't stay up 'til 11 to watch those shows?

At 6:10 PM, April 18, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC - you might be on to something on the Stewart / Colbert audience...

Hubby & I are DINKs... perhaps that's how we can stay up late to watch on weeknights!


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