Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good strike news!

They'll get back to talking in a week.

Obviously, unless one of the sides is willing to budge on some payment scheme for downloads and streaming video, talking won't do jack.

From way out here in Colorado, it seems obvious to me that the networks have to give on this. Sure, nobody is making money on downloads yet, but if the industry is going to survive, someone will have to figure that out. And if you can cross that bridge, kicking the writers a small percentage of that is not going to make or break the networks.

The networks, of course, want to figure that Internet stuff out first and get around to paying the writers later. No problem, except last time they made that argument, the writers said buh-bye to DVD residuals -- which turned into a hefty cash source about 10 seconds after the writers kissed them off. And somehow that formula never got readjusted.

So we'll see. Cross your fingers - if this deal is done by Christmas, we might even see a few new "Office" episodes before the year is out.


At 7:11 AM, November 18, 2007, Blogger Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

That's good news!

Speaking of the strike... what's the deal with Mad TV not being in reruns while SNL is? I thought those
"comedians" on SNL were writers. ;)

Also, saw an ad on Fox last night (during Mad TV's 300th episode party) for the Sarah Connor Chronicles (ya, I'm a big Terminator geek). It's still set to start in January. What's the deal with that? They wrap production early, before the strike? Or they going with just a limited number of scripts?

At 4:32 PM, November 18, 2007, Blogger AndyW said...

The networks always buy a bunch of shows for midseason - especially Fox. So I think they have half a dozen episodes of "Chronicles" in the can.

Not sure about Mad TV - I guess they just shoot ahead of time. No "live" in Mad.


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