Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tin Man rusts

I'll pass this post to Eli, who actually watched Sci Fi's "Tin Man" without being paid:

"I'm now 3 hours into the show. While I agree with Warren that it's "clever, imaginitive and occassionally thrilling"...I know I've seen Zoe on something else... but if this is the best this gal can act I will intentionally go out of my way to avoid anything else she's in from here on out. She is a TERRIBLE actress! I've seen cardboard cut outs that act better than her! It got so bad last night I cringed... almost turned it off a few times.

"But I want to see where this goes now.I like every other actor/character... 'cept maybe for Raw. The guy playing Glitch is far and away the best of the bunch, but the gent playing "Tin Man" isn't bad. I've seen him a few things before too.

"Once you get past the crappy FX, and take it for the cheese that it is... it still remains clever and imaginative. I don't understand how any actor/actress can be picked for a role in this and not do their best to uphold the respect of the source material given it's legendary status.It's starting to - sadly - teeter towards all the other dreck (aside from BSG) that Sci-Fi puts out."
I'd add to the Mad Man's thoughts that everyone involved in this gives the overwhelming impression of not being committed to the material. Maybe the material isn't worthy of any kind of commitment, but the fact everyone's doing it half-assed comes through loud and clear. People collecting paychecks will never produce memorable art.


At 9:30 AM, December 05, 2007, Blogger Warren Epstein said...

Zoe was actually great as the love interest in "Elf" and the sister in "Almost Famous."

She CAN be a good actress. Apparently, she chooses not to be here. Or, more likely, she has a bad director.

"OK, here act lost and confused."

"And here, you want to act confused and lost."

At 10:22 AM, December 05, 2007, Blogger Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

I was talking this over with a friend of mine who is also watching this and is having the same reaction. He also mentioned it could be the director.

We're both geeks, so it's something we SHOULD be loving. The world that's been created is very imaginative, and there's a lot to work with here. I'd love to see this made into a series, a big budget Hollywood movie, or a massively multiplayer online game. Backed with MONEY and some real actors, with some real direction... it could be huge.

Sadly... another one bites the dust.

At 11:08 AM, December 06, 2007, Blogger Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

Welp, finally finished it off last night. Oh my... how can such an intriguing concept be so butchered? Zoe/DG had to have been taking Vapors during the shooting of this thing. Horrible.

I was sorely disappointed with how the the thing turned out. The first 2 hours were good enough to keep me watching. The middle two hours made me want to gouge my eyes out with a one of those shock sticks they used in the show. Glad to see Richard Dreyfuss in it for all of 5 minutes. He was good. Sadly he didn't stick around. But now I can see why. The last 2 hours had me scratching my head. By the end I was going... "Why didn't DG just wait until after the double eclipse to come back and find the emerald? Had she not come back to the OZ until AFTER... all would have been fine."

Oy... another Sci-Fi "original" pile of bantha poo-doo goes down the drain. SPECTACULAR idea... ruined again.

Someone told me that the ratings for the first night were the highest in the network's history. True?

At 3:36 PM, December 06, 2007, Blogger AndyW said...

Here's what Sci Fi said:
"Tin Man Is SCI FI's Biggest

The Dec. 2 premiere of SCI FI Channel's original miniseries Tin Man was the most-watched telecast in the channel's history, drawing a 4.2 household rating and an audience of more than 6.3 million viewers.

The first night of the three-night series, based on L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, also delivered the channel's best audiences in key demographics, including adults aged 25-54 and adults aged 18-49.

The miniseries also delivered better ratings than SCI FI's previous miniseries, including the Emmy-winning Steven Spielberg Presents Taken. The miniseries concludes Dec. 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. "

At 7:20 AM, December 11, 2007, Blogger Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

Stepping off the neck of the dead corpse that is the Tin Man...

The BSG Razor DVD does in fact have the 5 or 6 "minisodes" (that's what they're called on the DVD) that they had on the Sci-Fi website. They're all flashbacks of a young "Husker" Adama, but the last 2 we see in Razor. It's the whole scenario that plays out on the planet when he tries to rescue the humans in the hold. We see how he gets there though. Good stuff.

At 3:10 PM, March 09, 2008, Anonymous Adam Hates Zoe said...

I'm so glad someone made a post about how bad of an actor zoe is...I can't believe how awful she is. The cringing and almost turning off...same here. The others were not nearly that bad...I mean, a director does help the actor, but the actor has to deliver the lines NOT like a dry valley girl. She ruined what was potentially a great series.


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