Sunday, February 03, 2008

Second quarter commercials

Fed Ex pigeons - Liked that one. Giant, night-vision equipped pigeons. That's good stuff.

Tide to go - Surprisingly effective ad, with the stain talking louder than the interviewee.

Budweiser Clydesdales - I liked the Rocky thing. Maybe just because that's a really pretty horse.
Iron Man - I'm still not sure if this movie is going to rule or completely suck, but Robert Downey Jr. should make it interesting. The commercials really offer no clues either way.

Toyota Corolla - Badgers. Heh, love it.

Leatherheads - I've been hearing about this movie forever, but this is the first clip I've seen. Pretty funny.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - I hope your kids weren't watching that intro. I loved that the camera switched to a different angle just as the, um, guitar was about to meet the heart.

Um, so now it's halftime and the PA system is playing "Freefallin'" ... presumably to prepare the crowd for Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers playing "Freefallin'" two minutes from now.

Garmin Napoleon - The commercial? Eh. Loved the car, though.

Oh for gawd's sakes. It's like the Giants aren't even trying to cover the spread. This is why I don't bet. Now Eli is just grounding the ball so he won't get hurt.

Careerbuilder heart - Well, that was arresting imagery. Probably not going to forget that one. Unfortunately.

GMC Yukon hybrid - I'm not sure Sisyphus was really the image they want associated with a hybrid that gets like 18 mpg.

Bud Light Carlos Mencia - "We make sandwich, I am meat" was the only funny one.

Planters "hot" chick - Funny, but it's not doing wonders for my appetite.

t-mobile Charles Barkley - Barkley is always funny. It's not always intentional.

Pepsi Justin Timberlake - That made no sense at all, but it's the funniest thing I've seen in quite a while.

Doritos giant rat - What the heck was that? But, I give them surprise points.


At 5:26 PM, February 03, 2008, Anonymous Warren Epstein said...

So far, Tide and the Fedex Carrier Pigeons are the ones the beat.

At 5:54 PM, February 03, 2008, Anonymous Warren Epstein said...

E*Trade baby... love the spit-up!


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