Monday, February 25, 2008

Top Gear returns

Top Gear returns to BBC America tonight for a new season.

If you haven't heard me harping on this before, "Top Gear" is the greatest show on television.

"The Wire" might be the best, "30 Rock" might be the smartest, "Friday Night Lights" might feature the best acting, "How I Met Your Mother" might be the funniest, "Pushing Daisies" might look the best, but for sheer bitching British awesomeness, you can't beat "Top Gear."

Given that NBC is doing an American re-make, you should definitely start watching the British version now so you can properly sneer at how inferior the re-make is. And, if you get the chance to watch older episodes, look for the Toyota truck durability test, the Southern U.S. road trip and the amphibious cars - all totally hilarious. Plus maybe the Reliant Robin space shuttle, just because it was so frickin' cool.

Plus, tonight's episode puts Helen Mirren behind the wheel of a reasonably priced car. Be still my heart.


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