Thursday, May 01, 2008

Idol Idle

Thank god this week is over for the Idols. I just can't understand how Neil frickin Diamond songs so completely flummoxed this crowd. Archuleta's "America" made my ears bleed. So, so painful. I was always under the impression that those were fairly easy songs to sing - it just requires a slice of cheese and a heaping helping of bombast.

Sorry to see Brooke go... well, actually, no I'm not. It was clearly her time, she'd been underperforming. On reflection, I'd say it was the perfect time to see Brooke go. I never thought Syesha would make it this far, but she's been getting better while everyone else seems to get worse.

Seriously now, it's time to kill the stupid theme weeks. Especially this late in the competition. Diamond, Andrew Lloyd Weber, the Beattles - kill them all (not, you know, literally). If you want these kids to turn into real, honest-to-goodness stars, you've got to let them play to their strengths and develop their styles, not just throw them out there to flail around with musical oddities from before they were born.


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