Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arbitron radio ratings

The latest radio ratings, courtesy of Arbitron.

Some interesting nuggets in the list: KILO continues its strong run. KKMG opens up a wide lead on KIBT. Cat Country KATC handily beat KCCY both overall and in the 25-54 demographic. KVUU continues to slide in favor of KDZA (what are they calling it? Jet 107?).

And way down at the bottom of the list are a bunch of intriguing things. KRYE comes in at 22nd with a regional Mexican format on 104.9 FM.

I think that frequency was once supposed to be part of the great KKCS-to-Denver maneuvering that ended up killing KKCS dead as a doornail.

Speaking of which, the station that took over KKCS old frequency, "La Grande D" KGDQ (101.9 FM), flipped its format from regional Mexican to smooth jazz back in June (and just missed showing up in these numbers).

And the station that took over the KCS moniker, if not the call letters, KCSF (1300 AM), makes an appearance at No. 21.

And we still have no sports radio in the Springs. Sorry, World Series fans.

1. KILO (94.3 FM)
2. KKLI (106.3 FM)
3. (tie) KATC (95.1 FM)
KVOR (740 AM)
5. KKMG (98.9 FM)
6. KKPK (92.9 FM)
7. KKFM (98.1 FM)
8. KCCY (96.9 FM)
9. KDZA (107.9 FM)
10. KBIQ (102.7 FM)
11. KVUU (99.9 FM)
12. KIBT (96.1 FM)
13. (tie) KOA (850 AM)
KYZX (103.9 FM)
15. KRDO (105.5 FM and 1240 AM)
16. KZNT (1460 AM)
17. KHOW (630 AM)
18. (tie) KCMN (1530 AM)
KGFT (100.7 FM)
20. KPHT (95.5 FM)\
21. KCSF (1300 AM)
22. KRYE (104.9 FM)


At 8:39 AM, October 26, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow KILO is kicking ass and taking names. what is the deal with the Eagle? is it just a throwaway signal--or could something be done to make a real classic rock battle with the slick and somewhat boring KKFM ? that would be fun and good for listeners..and speaking of battles; what happened to KCCY?
there was a good race there with the KAT for a time--but now? does KVUU even have any live announcers at all? what about VOR and KRDO? is that over as well?

At 7:55 AM, October 27, 2008, Blogger AndyW said...

The Eagle does OK in its 35-54 demo, but I've never understood why it doesn't compete better against KKFM. It's gotta be more than just Bob and Tom (and Alice).

We'll have to see another book to tell whether this was a one-off for KCCY or part of a trend. KCCY and KATC have been pretty tight for a long time - sometimes these ratings books just go off the wall.

I don't know what Clear Channel is planning to do with KVUU. What they have now seems like a waste. I imagine they see it as hemming in KKPK and KKMG - keeping Citadel honest, basically. But there ought to be a higher purpose for a legacy station like KVUU than playing a prevent defense.

KVOR moved back into a solid lead over KRDO in 25-54, both overall and in mornings, but it's a much tighter race than it is in these 12+ numbers.

At 2:20 PM, October 27, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for more info regarding the
other key demos--you are so right in that the 12+ numbers we see here are only part of the total story. I am with you on The Eagle.. maybe the "stationality" needs to be revamped..more focus on the music (its almost there compared to KKFM's tighter playlist) a MUCH better morning show to go up against bob and tom
--better promotions and marketing and it might a player!

At 7:12 PM, March 28, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am moving to Colorado Springs later this year. Is there an ESPN radio outlet that one can listen to in the Springs, or is it dependent on where one is exactly at ? Does KKFN 104.3 out of Denver make it most of the city ? What about KESP 1600 AM out of Denver ? Thanks for any information.


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