Friday, January 13, 2006

'24' Sunday

So I'm thinking about liveblogging the '24' season premiere Sunday night. Fox didn't send me a screener (otherwise I'd be dropping hints like crazy right now). But since I'll be watching anyway, I'm thinking I ought to write about it.

I was just browsing around the Web to see if I could find a good set of rules for a '24' drinking game. There's no end of choices, but I didn't see one that required a drink every time Jack talks on the cell phone. Without that crucial rule, there's a chance you could end the night sober.

Let's make it simple: Product placements, cell phones and explosions are one drink; threatening torture, defying a direct order or administering first aid is two drinks; and nuclear explosions, biological warfare or Jack crying means you finish the bottle. Hope Monday's a holiday for ya.


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