Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fox fallout

We've been a little Fox-heavy here the last few days and I apologize for it. But Fox has a lot going on lately.

The network announced today that this would be the final season for "Malcolm in the Middle" and "That '70s Show." And I know you're thinking: Those shows are still on? Totally understandable.

And, with "American Idol" starting again tonight and "24" drawing big numbers -- 15 million watched Sunday night -- Fox probably doesn't much care about the handful of "Malcolm" fans distressed by the news.

Still, Fox is going to have to find something other than one-season wonder "Prison Break" and minor success "Bones" if it wants to keep its schedule lively. Man cannot live on "Idol" alone.

On that score, look for "Free Ride" and "The Loop" to premiere in March, but don't get your hopes up.


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