Thursday, January 19, 2006

Latest "Lost" theories

Didn't mean to ignore "Lost" last night. Here are the best theories on last night's episode from The Fuselage:

1. When chief "Other" Zeke tells his henchman to bring out captive Kate, he says "Bring her Alex." Alex is the name of the crazy Frenchwoman's missing child.

2. Zeke also quotes from the Hanso Foundation films when he's talking about curiosity.

3. This is the most out-there and the most interesting theory: Zeke doesn't seem to react when Jack talks about the mole Ethan. Does Zeke not know about Ethan? Are there really two groups of Others?

Things to ponder, partner. Oh, and while I was browsing the ABC site to grab some photos for this post, I ran across some very intriguing stills from next week's episode. I'll say no more...


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