Sunday, February 05, 2006

Counting down...

Well, we're pretty much set here. We've got blue and green tortilla chips on the table, Starbucks frappuccino iced coffee in the fridge and Redhook ESB in the cooler. Truth be told, we're far from diehard Seahawks fans -- my family roots predispose me to the Packers -- but it's hard not to be a little excited for all the folks back home.

More to the point, we've got count 'em 40 Super Bowl ads to look forward to at $2.5 million each. Lessee, that's... um... a bunch of money. How can you not get up for that kind of massive display of capitalism?

The high definition is set in the "ON" position, the leather couch is fully reclined and we are a "GO" for takeoff... in about an hour.

Bonus feature

What spellcheck does with some of Seattle's favorite nouns: Redhook = reddish; Starbucks = starfish; Frappuccino = barbecueing (?); Seahawks = seesaw. And this could be a bad sign -- Seattle = settles.


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