Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Local "Idol" takes a walk

Our old buddy Bishop Stylz... errr, I mean Michael Evans, took the long walk tonight (no, I didn't abandon the Olympics - I'm flipping between this and the men's combined). You'll remember Evans -- he was the guy in the white cape and gold crown at the Denver auditions. I think they showed a clip of his outrageous outfit in every one of the regional auditions.

It's funny -- he played the clown all along, but tonight he was serious as could be given that he was wearing a cowboy hat and paired with a couple of genuine 'pokes from the prairie bashing out a truly horrendous doo-wah-diddy. He even shed tears after Simon berated the group and sent them all packing.

It's sad we never got to hear Evans really sing -- the other two cowboys had pretty decent auditions and Evans must have had some talent, too. But if face time counts for anything, Evans gets an A+.

Photo of the cowpokes can be seen here: http://www.idolonfox.com/photos/?cat=1&sub=19&pic=7960.


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