Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sorry about the light posting

Weird week -- I got totally crunched out of the gate on Monday and I'm just coming up for air now. Why, I almost broke a sweat yesterday-- not a risk one normally runs as a television reporter.

So, back to TV: "Idol" finally heads to Hollywood tonight. And I think I speak for all Idol fans when I say "About dang time." Laughing at the rejects starts off fun, but eventually leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

I watched that two-hour "Scrubs" block last night. NBC hasn't made a commitment to Scrubs past this season, so the writers and actors have a seize the day attitude this season that's made for some really fun television. Nevertheless, I still say "The Office" gets the "Most Improved" award for 2005-2006.

And I'm with Terry. I think "Love Monkey" has really started strong and, unlike Tom Cavanagh in "Ed," they're not burning through the dramatic potential right out of the gate. You let the romance blossom too fast, a la Ed and Carol, you've got nothing left after season two. Cavanagh feels too old for the role he's playing, though.

Another note on KKTV: Brinias and Ward seemed smoother already last night. We're running mini-profiles on them and new meteorologist Brian Bledsoe on Monday. I think the headline's "News Kids on the Block." Headline writers are constitutionally incapable of resisting a bad pun.


At 12:42 PM, February 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ratings for Love monkey are horrible! 4.7/7 not too great I would say!!! I am wondering if it will get canned?.

At 1:06 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger AndyW said...

A TV writer just said he liked it: Of course it's gonna be canceled.

Ratings-wise, it was a 5.2/8 the week of 1/23, and a 5.9/9 the week before that. CBS can probably live with those numbers on a Tuesday, but will probably kill it if there's really a downward trend.


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