Sunday, February 05, 2006


So the first new one was the Coke Full Throttle. This one seemed pretty much identical to that Dodge Charger ad where the bikers are chasing the guy down the suburban street. That spot is still on the air, wouldn't you want something that looks different?

Start of game

Bud Light Easter Egg Hunt -- Four stars. Simple, but pretty funny.

Burger King Whopperettes -- Three stars. Weird, but they've been playing that up lately. Fun.

Sierra Mist -- Two stars. I'm tired of their little reperatory player thing. Try something new.

Bud Light Magic Fridge -- Four stars. Simple and funny. They're on a roll.

Fed Ex cave men -- Four stars. "But Fed Ex hasn't been invented yet." "Not my problem."

Bud Light Grizzly Bear -- Four stars. Definitely a roll.

Diet Pepsi Can -- Two stars. This one kind of dragged on. And I'm sorry, Brown and bubbly is a nasty tagline.

Ameriquest -- Three stars. Don't judge too quickly. But this was one of those commercials where you remember the spot, but immediately forget what it was for.

Bud Light Cleaning the gutters -- One star. The streak is over! Kinda pointless and not much of a punchline.

Dove- Two stars. This is one of the handful of Super Bowl ads aimed at women, a new trend this year. Attractive, but not especially moving (to this man, anyway).

Ford Escape -- Three stars. Can't go wrong with Kermit whitewater kayaking. "It's not easy being green. Oh, I guess it is." Good stuff.

Michelob Ultra Amber -- Three stars. "Light beer just got a little dark." Good tagline, but seeing a woman getting body-slammed got a few whoas in our room.

Go Daddy -- One star. This is even lamer in HD (see earlier post). They could have gotten just as much buzz for having their ads rejected, and saved themselves $2.5 million.

Poseidon -- One star. Mostly I'm not commenting on the movie ads, because they rise or fall on the movie they're promoting, but this one raises a question: If your movie stars Kurt Russell, shouldn't it be 1988?

Gillette Fusion -- No stars. Why are razor ads always so terrible?

Ameriquest Flight -- Three stars. Nice follow-up -- woman snoozing on an airplane, tries to go to the bathroom, gets caught in a compromising position.

Blogging is slowing down a little, what with the game heating up and the Seahawks unable to hit a freakin' field goal.

Budweiser young foal -- One star. Awwwwwww. Do cute commercials really sell beer? I can't imagine.

Master Card MacGuyver -- Four stars. This got a few shouts from Patty and Selma.

Honda Mudflap girl -- Two stars, pretty risque for Honda, but still dull.

The beer institute -- One star. I looked up and I still don't know who "The Beer Institute" is. Mysterious commercials skeeve me out. Plus, the Web site was really, really loud.

Game over.

Hey, Pittsburgh, team of destiny. Can't argue with destiny. Or some pretty questionable Holmgren play calling at the end there (but it probably was too late to matter). Hope you enjoyed the game. And, of course, the commercials.


At 6:36 PM, February 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got home. After reading your blog about the commercials I can't wait to play the DVD I'm recording of the game. Nice write-ups!

At 10:19 PM, February 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Here's to Beer
From on 2/1/06:

Anheuser-Busch is turning over one of its Super Bowl ad slots to a campaign for the Beer Institute that furthers A-B's push to “enhance the image of beer,” the call that the spot is part of A-B’s strategy to “romance beer” ...
But while the spot will be identified as coming from the Beer Institute, it is not financed by one of the group’s members, Miller Brewing Co. “We are happy and supportive of Anheuser-Busch spending its own money on an industry campaign,” said Miller spokesman Pete Marino. “We will be making our own investments in marketing Miller brands.”

At 12:50 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Kelly said...

Kurt Russell is the greatest actor of all time. Don't incur his wrath.


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