Thursday, March 16, 2006

Idol recap

Had to smile last night seeing Ace Young sweating it out in the final three. I mean, the guy ain't that great a singer and he's definitely not going to win, but he's so good-looking that just making it this far has probably done wonders for his career. His modeling career, most likely.

One of the coolest things about Idol is how the audience gets attached to these unlikely heroes (Scott Savol last time, Kevin Corvais this season), and ignores the bigger talents, or, in Ace's case, the more conventionally appealing contestants. Being a dark horse audience favorite never gets these guys to the finish line (except maybe Ruben Studdard), but hey, it's still probably one of the top moments of their entire life.

I was a little sorry to see Melissa go. She started out as one of the worst in the top 16, but she was also one of the few who seemed to be getting better instead of struggling as the show threw new material at them.


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