Friday, July 21, 2006

This is hilarious

From the LA Times:

ABC's debut of the reality show "The One: Making a Music Star," in which
young singing contestants live together in the same house, delivered the worst
ratings for any series premiere in the network's history and the second-worst in
broadcast TV history, according to Nielsen Media Research.

An average of 3.2 million viewers tuned in to the two-hour event Tuesday
night, or roughly one-third of the audience for a repeat of Fox's hit medical
drama "House" (9.1 million). The carnage among the target audience of adults
ages 18 to 49 was even worse, a miserable 3% of that crowd.

I almost never root for a show to fail, but if you're going to fail, fail spectacularly. It's like when Seattle nearly set a record last winter for consecutive days of rain. Yeah, it's miserable, but don't get close and then fall short. Embrace the misery!


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