Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Favorite new show entries

Forthwith, a few feelings for fans' favorites from the fall:

AH -
"SHARK" - James Woods stars in the Thursday night, CBS show, "Shark," and, without ANY doubt it is the VERY BEST show in the entire Fall 2006 TV line-up. There isn't a better actor on TV today than James Woods; Woods isn't just a good actor - he is a GREAT actor. He takes the (lead) actor role to new heights and dimensions in his scathing portrayal of a (former) defense attorney (for the rich "stars" of the Los Angeles, CA area) turned cut-throat (Assistant?) District Attorney (in the famous/(infamous?) Los Angeles District Attorney's Office. Woods'fast-paced, often sarcastic, always caustic delivery adds to the believability of this CBS drama.
"Shark" (aptly nicknamed for his fierce and relentless legal maneuverings) is really Sebastian Stark - not a really lovable man - but a man of such intense commitment to his profession - (his main slogan is: "A trial is war. Second place is death") that one quickly grasps the concept that this is not just a "job" to this character - winning in court is a "life and death" matter and nothing to be taken lightly at all.
"Shark's" only "tender spot" lies with his one and only child, his beloved 16 year-old daughter, Julie, who chose to live with him (in L.A.) over her Mother - who has moved to New York State to live. He genuinely loves her and works hard at each and every encounter with her to "prove" his love as a single-parent in a fast-paced and scary world. "Shark" loves and adores his daughter and goes to great lengths to protect her- including utilizing his devious "courtroom tactics"(like bribing a driving-class instructor to "pass" her so that she can get her drivers license.) "Shark's"relentless addiction to "winning at all costs" - makes this show the most electrifying piece of drama on television today."

MC -
I have enjoyed the new show called"Men in Trees", its cute, funny and very refreshing to watch, the blonde gal does a super job with her character,a show we can all relate to and the Alaska setting is great!! A very good show!!!! Mina Coonts

GS -
The only new show you talked about that I did watch was Friday Nite Lites and was looking forward to seeing it again but looking at the tv guide it is on tonite at the same time as NCIS which is another favorite of mine so I will have to tape it or miss it. It seems like if I watch something they always put it on the same nite so I have to choose and there are lots of nites when there is nothing on I watch. Tonite on NBC and CBS there are 6 shows opposite each other all that I like .

Don -
Well since Vanished is going to die and with the show out of the 9PM slot on Monday nights, I have to say I watched an episode of Heroes. The first impression is great so I will go with "Heroes" as my new favorate show.I thought this show would be another "Surface." I was dead wrong.I did like the ideal behind Vanished but they better wrap that one quick like Kidnapped.For the record I thought Heroes would bomb in my TV predtions on MY blog.


At 3:29 PM, October 10, 2006, Blogger V said...

And here I am - still enthused over Studio 60... The writing is fast (but then I liked Sports Night & West Wing too...)and the cast is strong...

At 6:50 PM, October 10, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like "shark" hope that it goes on there. am i imagining or am i seeing yep, a tv commericial for kdvr-tv 31 . to advertise for their new web site on comcast/adelphia. I thought that fox 21/kxrm. has those tv commericals to run?? hmm funny tv world. indeed.

At 11:28 AM, October 11, 2006, Blogger Eli the Mad Man said...

Ya, I'm a BIG James Wood fan... and this role seems to have been built specifically for him. I can't see anyone else playing the role of Sebastian Stark. Reminds me of his roll in '98 film "True Believer". Great actor, and a really good show!

I'm sure it will get cancelled because of this. And the fact that I like it of course. ;)

At 6:31 PM, October 11, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes , i agree eli the mad man..james woods is a great actor and . i hope that shark will pull through for the remainder of this tv season..i dont know about the ratings on fox 21@ news at nine though.cant see a live shot yet, but im hoping some day.


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