Thursday, December 14, 2006

Too much HDTV?

A reader called earlier today hoping to get some follow-up information on today's HDTV-advice story. I felt kind of bad, he was wondering which set to get, which technology and all that stuff. I felt like my choices were to absolutely bury him with information, or to just say "Get the Sony, you'll be fine." (I should note that he specifically mentioned Sony -- I suppose the same advice could apply to Panasonic or whatever). I sort of split the difference there.

I think HDTV may still be too complicated for non-technophiles to easily absorb. There are like 10 different technologies, and then you have to understand the over-the-air stuff and what's available on cable and satellite and what costs what.

If it helps anyone, here's a link to the more comprehensive HDTV story I wrote last year. It goes through the technologies and a little about how things work. Just subtract $500 from the prices!


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