Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Evan Almighty all done

KOAA/Channels 5&30 morning news anchor Evan Michaels is leaving for the bright lights of Sacramento. He's been with KOAA since 2002. In Sacramento, he'll again be the morning anchor for Fox affiliate KTXL/Channel 40.

“I loved it here,” Michael said. “I wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t just a great opportunity.”

Michael's last day will be May 23.

KOAA already has a replacement on the way: Adam Atchison will start in early June. Atchison comes from KTVB/Channel 7 in Boise, Idaho. He’s a Colorado native and a Colorado State University grad.



At 1:35 PM, May 15, 2007, Blogger Christopher Short said...

Thanks for the geography-math lesson:

Boise < Colorado Springs < Sacramento

At 8:45 PM, May 15, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well.what can i say again.. koaa tv does it again..they leave a great guy like mr michells .. he going to a bigger tv market like sacremento,ca ..leaving with tears for poor poor georgieann and mr craig idiot .. and now...we get a relative "unknown" with this young kid from boise , idahoo??cmon who is news first kidding ?i thought that the news first news director went with mr. billie folsom..thats quite a shock do you say??colorado springs.. again with all of the people complaining of the best of the colorado springs "press"..the news director wanted someone out of state just like they are doing it fox21 and krdo and kktv. where is the 'equality' here..cant they(news directors) find some one like mr folsom or some one from csu pueblo or pikes peak community college..there got to be some form of great tv talent here or are the people here..??this confirms the factof my suspicions..they find anyone here from this place..they have to find elsewhere..what a cop out..

At 9:59 AM, May 16, 2007, Anonymous Ethan said...

christopher short - your geography-math takeaway is correct. Evan is moving on to an equivalent job in a top 20 market (Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto). I just hope he can afford a house there!

"anonymous" - it was difficult to follow your note for all its odd phrasing and general rambling, but I'll straighten it out anyway:

As Andy mentioned, Atchison is a Colorado native who's about to enjoy a bit of a homecoming. Though Colorado Springs/Pueblo is a smaller TV market, it's not quite a "starter" market. Local folks need to head to smaller markets (such as Grand Junction), get a few years of experience, then make their way back.

Also, these jobs are posted locally - the Gazette, the Chieftain, etc. Believe me - if there was incredible local talent applying for these positions, the local stations would snatch it up immediately. There's nothing more ideal than hiring a high-quality native.

These hires - at News First 5/30 and other stations - are not a "cop out." Rather, everyone's trying to put on the best product through the best people.

Finally, to connect back to the top, Evan's move to Sacramento is a bit of a homecoming for him. I believe both he and his wife are from northern California.

At 10:18 AM, May 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many of us in Colorado Springs TV (and in Denver TV for that matter) have known "this young kid from Boise" for a many years. Rest assured, Adam is wildly talented and richly deserving of his new opportunity at 5/30, and all of us who know him welcome him back HOME to his native Colorado. He will excel immediately, and will impress all skeptics in no time. Just ask any of these people who know his work well:

Jesse Kurtz (KKTV)
David Nancarrow (KKTV)
Lauri Martin (KKTV)
Zach Thaxton (KRDO)
Rachel Regalado (KXRM)
Shane Crigger (KXRM)
Kelly Brown (KXRM)

And congrats to Evan!

At 6:24 PM, May 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Colorado Springs/Pueblo is not smaller than Boise.

Evan's job was never posted in the Gazette. I've read the job listings every day for the past 2 months and it was never listed.

Get a clue!

At 6:29 PM, May 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who's "known this kid"

I feel sorry for CSU if those grads you listed are the best it has to offer us locally. There are only 2 I consider any good. And I presume you and Ethan work for 5/30. What a dismal pair you make.

At 10:02 PM, May 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

again, i hope that dont "ramble" on this blog here and thank you for letting me "ramble".. ive been looking for a news job here and i know its pretty tough to go through news life here .in fact i never "had"' to go though four years and degree because my mom and daady never put me though a four year college..just for a little "videographers" jobbie like krdo tv..i did it on my own..mind you..but no the "news directors" has their own mind to hire here like lets say bill folsom or david orvitz..they would be find they are from colorado springs..right what wrong with themm to move upp?? youre right .. i cant read the mind of those news directors ..and it will take a while . for mr atchison come from idahoo..but i gues it just like "outsourcing"" .just hire some one form other states to fill in. me, i have to go and do my shots and v.os without a "degree" and im sorry that i of course "offeneded" you and others like mr atchison.. but dont the news directors here takes in consideration .. the people my self and maybe others..in colorado springs??ugh.. beleive me its a problem and news director should have the discretion to hire people like me and others here in the springs or pueblo. thats all.

At 10:09 PM, May 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and ill do a bang up job if they would let me do tv audition.. yep>>

At 7:04 AM, May 17, 2007, Anonymous ethan said...

"anonymous" - you read my third paragraph differently than I intended it. I referenced our market (rank 94) as "smaller" relative to other name-brand markets - not specific to Boise (rank approx 120). Specific to that job posting, I can't say whether it was or wasn't. I can say that the Gazette's happy with your behavior. I will add that it can't hurt to get onto News Directors' radars by providing samples of your work, requesting informal meetings, etc. Again, there's no motivation on the part of a local News Director to hire someone from out of market if there's someone equal or better already in town, especially a native.

Other "anonymous" - I admire that you put yourself through training. I'm not sure what kind of job you're looking for, but your communication skills demonstrated here are atrocious.

That's not a personal attack, rather it's simply to bring attention to the difficulty in understanding what you're trying to say between your spelling, punctuation, and phrasing. Hopefully that's all due to the informality of posting comments on a blog. If not, it'll be a barrier to getting hired.

At 9:33 AM, May 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again Ethan, get a clue.

As my grammatically and spelling challenged fellow anonymie is pointing out. There is talent in this town. At your own station, I presume that you work at 5/30, you have Bill Folsom. Are you saying he doesn't have the talent to anchor the mornings? I see him on there all the time and he looks like he does just as good of a job as anyone else for this size market. I'm sure there are plenty of others at your station and others ho would have applied if the job had been posted.

At 9:58 AM, May 17, 2007, Anonymous Ethan said...

"Get a clue" is not constructive in any way.

This began as "why do they always hire out-of-towners." You've turned it, but as I wrote previously, I don't know anything about that job posting (or its absence). Certainly, there have been anchor, reporter, producer, and/or photographer jobs posted by all stations within the past few months. I don't know how/where these jobs are posted or hired, but I do know that local talent is ideal. If it presents itself, no News Director would ignore it.

Bill Folsom is fully capable of doing a great job anchoring; he's proven so many times. Also, Bill is one of our market's most solid and professional reporters. The full-time morning gig, however, is not for everyone because of the hours.

At 10:01 AM, May 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ethan, again, my english is okay dude ..im so sorry that 5/30 tv in which i and i hope other will agree. will not "watch". ethan..my first contact was a great tv from 5/30 he was, you know him it was mr ...charles claverie (rocket)..in 1977 . he wanted to for me to be come a" tv newbie".. my brother comes from kk way back when there was "internships" when they had it in 1971 with reporters zoe mccrea and hal kennedy (rememeber) then ??yes i have the "background"sir..before you..and i can type just like chyron..i have background from the "local" tv stations here. mind you.. but i disagree with your thinking here, ethan ..there is i dont think there are "internships" that local people can get into..in the 1970s, there were people like craig mcmorris etc..jim ramsey from wgn/krdo tv news and larry perret and gary curtis..krdo tv. yes I have the "tv back ground" but most tv news people decides for "themselves." whats right and wrong..in my opinion ,ethan..this is a 90th tv market, not a 130 th tv market like idahoo and the "local" news directors should folks give us a chance! not just in skills. us local folks just a chance! youre right you hit on the "SPOT"! sir.. im TRULY sorry for one or two persons like mr oraviz and especially mr folsom. he didnt get the "job".im really sorry for them..they cant do the JOB!!take care..it a free country here and i intend to say what i mean..

At 10:20 AM, May 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its a g.o.b.c here in this tv market.. these people dont even bother to hire.. handi capable people at least i dont see any??on the tv stations..

At 12:57 PM, May 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand why there's a perception of some sort of conspiracy to hire from out of town or out of state, purposely overlooking locals.

The fact of the matter is that not just anyone can be a TV news reporter or anchor. It certainly isn't brain surgery, but it requires a very specific skills set, and stations don't have the time or resources to provide on-the-job training. Someone from Calhan or Woodland Park or Pueblo West may have the best nose for news since Walter Cronkite and may know the local geography and newsmakers like the back of their hand, but if they're not already familiar with multiple elaborate newsroom computer systems, non-linear and linear editing, and writing style for both broadcast AND print (remember, we're posting everything online nowadays), they're not going to make it past the first phone call with the news director. It's no longer just a telephone and typewriter. No station is going to risk losing their ratings or busting their budget on someone who isn't prepared to hit the ground running from day one. No offense, anonymous, but without a solid grasp of basic grammar, sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation, no station in North America would consider it worth the risk to make the hire. They'd really have to hire two people: you and another person to properly enter your copy into scripts and onto the web site. This is a business of communication and presentation. If a person is deficient in either or both aspects, they simply don't stand a chance. Is that discriminatory against mentally and physically disabled people? You could make a strong case for it. But honestly, how warmly would 98% of viewers and advertisers receive a reporter, anchor, or weather presenter with Down Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, Parkinson's Disease, or some other obvious malady? The late Pam Daale at KMGH in Denver is among the few exceptions anywhere in the country (she was paraplegic), and I would hazard a guess that half the viewers felt ashamedly uncomfortable watching her present the weather.

In addition to skill, it also boils down to aesthetics. Let's face it. Bimbo Blonde may not know the first thing about local politics and policy, yet Gruff ole Gus is the resident expert on everything from residential tax code to Constitutional law. Bimbo Blonde has wide eyes, a bright smile, a curvy figure, and a silky voice. Gruff ole Gus has an unkempt beard, no sense of color coordination, droopy jowels, and a distinct lisp. The information from Gruff ole Gus may be infinitely more reliable, but who's going to draw more eyes to the TV screen? You got it: Bimbo Blonde. It ain't fair, but that's the bidness.

As for the issue of locals, believe it or not, Colorado Springs really is a "destination" market. People WANT to live here, especially Colorado natives. The majority of people on Colorado Springs TV are native Coloradans who were hired from out of state simply because it's necessary to begin in a smaller market out of state (unless you go to Grand Junction) before making the jump to Colorado Springs. Even if they are grads of CSU-Pueblo, PPCC, UCCS, OJC, TSJC, or CC, they have to move out of state for that first job in the industry. Maybe they're not from Colorado Springs or Pueblo per se, but most of the folks on your TV screen are from Colorado. They love the state. They're eager to learn about and report on the issues affecting fellow Coloradans, and by both choice and necessity, Southern Coloradans in particular. Wouldn't it make more sense to populate your newsroom with a bunch of people from all over Colorado, plus a few folks from across the country rather than hiring exclusively from Southern Colorado? It provides a greater breadth of perspective.

Here's your list of "locals."

Jesse Kurtz - Arvada
Don Ward - Colorado Springs
David Nancarrow - Gunnison
Ashley Fielder - Greenwood Village
Lauri Martin - Denver area
Stephanie Ross - Centennial
Brian Bledsoe - Eastern Lincoln County

Georgiann Lymberopoulos - Boulder
Adam Atchison (the new a.m. guy) - Fort Collins
Mike Daniels - Pueblo
Lee Douglas - Pueblo
Dave Hazel - Longmont
Rachel Hoffenberg - Littleton
David Ortiviz - Pueblo

Zach Thaxton - Evergreen
Kellie MacMullan - Arvada
Marshall Zelinger - Aurora
Anna Jensen - Parker
Tak Landrock - Falcon
Josh Simeone - Denver/Highlands Ranch
Ryan Lowen - Colorado Springs

Rachel Regalado - Broomfield

Many others generically list "Colorado" as their native state, or at least went to college in Colorado. The argument about locals not being hired in Colorado Springs does not hold water.

At 2:13 PM, May 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ethan, you prove again why I must say "get a clue"

Are you saying Bill Folsom didn't want the job? Have you talked to Bill about this? Did Bill or anyone else even get the chance to apply for the job? Get real. It was never posted!!! That's the point!!

At 5:37 PM, May 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok ,thanks for the tip . for the "grammar" thing.. there .. as i will repeat myself again..in kxrm and kk and also . i dont see any thing ..for handi capped people..look at koaa and kktv . they put on.. their tv coomericials for the goodwill and the arc .. to me.. the arc is great bUT>>but.. those people should be getting in touch with those people for handi capped/ i and others would want to have a decent chance at being a camera man or a news producer.. i cant under stand ??. when i watch that commerical with that man and his production suite tapping away. that i and others .can have that chance at a koaa or krdo or kktv to prove that i and others (handi capable not handi capped!)can be a proven team and be productive one at that all these "excuses" that you have come up is just riduculous.. these news directors if given a chance.. can hire me. i think its ..its called "discrimnation"" .i dont think that these networks yours should not have slammed the door on my face to do it...lets face it .. people the news directors can hire me or others .. they just dont want the burden here to do it..i challange any news director here . to look to help and to hire i and others that is "handi capable" and not handi capped!!.. its a challenge .but they can do it..youll be surprised..and for ms.pamm daale.well she broke new ground running in the 1980s ,she is an "inspiration to news 7 and to me also".. god bless her..thanks for letting me voice an opinion..

At 6:20 PM, May 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and bill folsom and oravtiz is great tv material for being an anchormen. even .. andy koen also and i love nichole vander putty.. she great..

At 7:48 AM, May 21, 2007, Anonymous kim said...

i think david oravtiz sucks

At 8:19 AM, June 06, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I'm so pleased Evan has moved on. He made so many mistakes and 'bad' jokes he thought was funny. Real turn off. Craig Elliot was often the bunt of these off center 'jokes'. The Morning team is better off without him! I stopped watching KOAA in the morning just to turn him off and out. For the past couple of mornings I so Mr. Folsom and realized he didn't say Evan was off - so hoping I searched and sure enough he's gone, gone, gone. Thank you Fox for removing this person from our viewing screens. Thank goodness he's gone! Now, I can watch KOAA again in the morning.

At 11:38 AM, October 18, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa man, I know that Craig and Evan had anything but chemistry, but lettting someone like Mr. quotes "in" inappropriate places, would be the equivelant to letting a toddler with a megaphone be the morning news caster. Wow! it.. boggle s my "mind" how. he.. evun operaytes. "a" computer"." "haha".......

P.S. Is it just me or did Craig and Evan completely hate eachother?


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