Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Lost" watercooler

What I liked about this one was that it was clearly the writers' "F" with the audience episode.

Before the long-awaited Sawyer-Sawyer Sr. showdown came the "Who the hell are you?" line - clearly just messing with fans who thought they had it all figured out.

Plus, the whole Cooper, "Don't you know where you are?" thing, obviously a shout-out to the many Purgatory theories floating around on the Internet.

As an aside, if Sayid's skepticism of the helicopter pilot was misplaced, does that mean we'll have to amend the "Sayid is always right" rule? Or should we assume she's a plant?
And has Kate supplanted Jack as the thickest head in the Southern Hemisphere?

Finally, what do you think about The Others' political games? Was Richard really trying to bail Locke out, or was that another Ben-engineered diversion? When's Jacob going to show up and straighten these bozos out?



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