Thursday, July 19, 2007

Emmy nominations reax

Here's the list.

I've never been a fan of the Emmys, but this list seems even more terrible than usual.

"The Sopranos" scoring 15 was predictable, and although I wasn't a huge fan of the final season, I won't knock the noms, given the show's legacy.

There are a couple nice surprises (Masi Oka, Alec Baldwin, Jenna Fischer, "Battlestar" getting writing and directing nods).

But there are just a bunch of terrible, terrible noms. "Boston Legal" springs to mind. The voters must have accidentally been watching last season's "24."

Almost nothing for "Lost," after a truly rousing comeback last season. Nothing for "The Wire." I think the only thing "Rome" scored was for hairstyling. My freakin' god.

And, sorry to beat that horse again, but practically nothing for "Friday Night Lights." I mean, even if you don't care for the program, anyone who would seriously argue Connie Britton doesn't even deserve a stinkin' nomination is freakin' blind. Edie Falco and Minnie Driver are the only ones in the drama actress list I agree with -- and Falco didn't have her best season.

The supporting actor in a comedy is probably the best overall category -- although putting Drama and Ari from "Entourage" against each other is silly, given the way that show has tailed off in quality.

I know, it doesn't really matter. "The Sopranos" will win everything anyway. But reading those noms was an irritating way to start the day.



At 8:17 AM, July 20, 2007, Blogger Christopher Short said...

Liz Lemon!

At 5:01 PM, July 22, 2007, Anonymous TC said...

They should win everyting.

However, I can't believe the Emmy voters missed Dexter. Wait, what am I saying, the Emmy voters are even dumber than the Grammy voters somehow.

Usually the Golden Globes get things right, so we'll get Dexter nominated there and won't have Two & Half Men nominated.



At 7:48 PM, July 22, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right about Friday Night Lights, there should have been more recognition. They're schedule for Friday's, with tivo, I hope this is their year.


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