Thursday, August 09, 2007

Weeds season premiere

I poke some mild fun today at David Duchovny's new Showtime show, Californication, but didn't get the chance to talk much about the return of Showtime's other big comedy, Weeds. They both premeir on Monday.

I watched the first four Weeds episodes and... they're pretty good. Last season left off on a particularly nasty cliffhanger and the third season picks that thread right up and keeps it spinning. Not to give anything away, but it looks like it'll be a tough season for the gang.

And Kevin Nealon continues to pretty much steal this show. How come he's never been this good in anything else?
UPDATE: Yeah, I know: I've got the wrong person in their underwear in that photo. Haven't come up with a better one yet, though.



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