Friday, September 21, 2007

Is that a Member's Only jacket?

"Friday Night Lights" is back. Well, it's back next week, but you can watch it on the Web now. My advice? Don't. The jerky, swirling, hovering camera work is a big part of the show's feel, and that just doesn't translate well to a streaming video that's jerky and grainy to start with.

As far as the merits of the episode, there was some more bravura acting, particularly Connie Britton and Aimee Teegarten, but I don't think this is the episode that will suddenly win over everyone who's been avoiding the show so far.

There's a plot twist at the end that is already controversial among FNL fans. It's very Scooby-Doo, which is jarring for a show that's usually closer to Shakespeare.

Anyway, whether the show fixes that glitch and soars to new heights, or burns up ignominiously in a second-season-jinx meltdown, I'll be watching.



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